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Most of us aren't just working online for the warm fuzzy feeling it gives us at the end of the day. At the same time, you have to remember that your subscribers, readers, end users and/or customers aren't just using the internet for the sheer joy of reading ad copy and clicking links that make you money.

So yes, advertise. Do create content that you are interested in. Create content your audience is interested in. And by all means use relevant affiliate links and/or sell your ad space to sponsors that make sense to be there with your content.

Your traffic is there for your content, not to make you money. If your user-centric content becomes too obscured or too diluted by your revenue-centric content… your users will go elsewhere.

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An interesting article on

The concept of "free" isn't exactly a new one, but it is taking on a sort of new life in the digital age as major publishers (slowly) warm up to the concept – except the recording industry, of course, where the "free" is usually coupled with "to help make us a lot more money."
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I was browsing the threads of GetPaidForum and found out an interesting post about PTR or Paid To Read scams. For those of you who are not quite familiar with Paid to Read programs, well, it is what it say. You are getting paid a little amount in exchange for receiving(and responding) to advertising messages sent to you via email. Some of them really works, while most are just scams. So if you are a member of such programs you should be cautious lest all your efforts would go to waste. Anyway, this should help you identify the real ones from the bogus PTR schemes.

Here you find the Black List of PTR. I strongly advise against registrating with these services. All these sites are either not paying member and/or even call in money, have an extremely bad support (if at all) or being outright scams by cheating search engines with IFrames or use an illegal version of Cash Crusader script. Scammer gladly hush up their fraud by alleged owner changes due to which the user accounts must be put back or it is stated that the new operator does not care about the site and therefore no payouts can be made. In this way the legal responsibility of the webmaster is transferred to a fictitious other person.
The information gathered on this list was produced by members of these sites to be included on the list as
1. Not paying
2. Problems with the site and/or webmaster.

How to recognize Scam Sites?
- There are many sites out there which promise emails worth the likes of $5, $50 or $100 and upwards. DO NOT join any of these sites. These are ridiculous attempts to take your money and you will never see a penny. EXCEPTIONS are so called "Redemption Only" sites where you can redeem your money for advertising only.

- Check the advertising price to see if sites selling ads underprice. If for example, the site has 100 members and an email to all costs only $2 for a $10 link, you can clearly see that the site is underselling advertising. 100 members x $10 per member = $1,000. Therefore, the actual cost of the advertisement without taking into account the referral commission, comes to $1,000. If a site sells this link for only $2, the site is sustaining a loss of $988 per advertisement sold. This is only an example but please note that there are sites selling $10, $20 and even links worth hundreds of dollars for just $2 - $3. Basic mathematical skills will show you that such sites are totally unsustainable and therefore, short lived. If you wish to calculate how much the ad should cost, use the Sustainable Calculator.
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Im sure many of you are already aware of Steve Pavlina's personal development website and his amazing blog entry entitled "How To Make Money From Your Blog". But for those who aren't aquainted yet, I suggest you should spend some time reading it. Although it's quite a long read, i'm sure it will offer you new insights and presents some basic elementary idea to help you jumpstart your money-making career. I'm not saying you will instantly become rich after reading the article but sometimes you've got to start somewhere. By that, I meant learning from the basic skills and techniques. Anyway, here's the opening lines of the article if you are still not sure you want to read it: was launched on Oct 1st, 2004. By April 2005 it was averaging $4.12/day in income. Now it brings in over $200/day $1000/day (updated as of 10/29/06). I didn’t spend a dime on marketing or promotion. In fact, I started this site with just $9 to register the domain name, and everything was bootstrapped from there. Would you like to know how I did it?

This article is seriously long (over 7300 words), but you’re sure to get your money’s worth (hehehe). I’ll even share some specifics. If you don’t have time to read it now, feel free to bookmark it or print it out for later.

Do you actually want to monetize your blog?

Some people have strong personal feelings with respect to making money from their blogs. If you think commercializing your blog is evil, immoral, unethical, uncool, lame, greedy, obnoxious, or anything along those lines, then don’t commercialize it.

If you have mixed feelings about monetizing your blog, then sort out those feelings first. If you think monetizing your site is wonderful, fine. If you think it’s evil, fine. But make up your mind before you seriously consider starting down this path. If you want to succeed, you must be congruent.

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For those of you who haven't had the slightest idea of what affiliate marketing and affiliate programs are, then this article is perfect read for you. Written by a guy named Mike Selvon, it discusses the basic ins-and-outs of affiliate programs and where to start. Read on and learn...

These days there are so many people who are eager to find good ways that they can earn some money through the internet, and for anyone who has been looking for that, they most likely have run across a number of affiliate programs.

Affiliate programs are a terrific way to make some money online without spending a lot of your own time or money developing products, building websites and doing customer service.

Basically an affiliate is an independent contractor that becomes associated with money opportunities programs that are offered by people that own various websites. One of the largest and best known of them is the one offered by Amazon.

The basic idea is that you use an encoded link to promote a website, such as Amazon, and when someone who visits the site because they clicked your link, you get a commission on anything they buy.

Many different types of businesses offer opportunities for others to make money because they are a great way for the business to reduce its cost of marketing and promotion.

In addition to programs that are offered by individual web businesses, there are also large programs you can join which have many different companies that participate.

Two example of these large programs for affiliate marketers is Commission Junction and Clickbank. The advantage of working with this type of program is that you can manage all your links and commissions for many companies from just one central account.

Clickbank is well known and popular among affiliate marketers because it is one of the highest paying programs out there, with some of their clients paying up to 75% of the purchase price to the affiliate, which is a very generous percentage.

For the most part the commissions paid by the companies of Commission Junction will pay from 3% to 20%, with most being in the middle of that range.

Once you become an affiliate marketer, your job is simply to promote the websites or the specific products that are offered from the businesses that provide the affiliate programs.

One popular method of that marketers use to make quick sales is using pay per click advertising. Of course, this means you will need to invest some cash for the ads, but generally sales can be made fairly quickly.

However, part of that process requires some keyword research to be done in order to make the paid searches more effective and profitable. The trick here is to use SEO tools to research the various keyword terms that would be related to the product, service or website you are an active promoter for, then choosing the best keyword that has the right balance of enough traffic but not too high a pay per click cost.

Some online marketers use blogs to help promote the money opportunity programs they are trying to get sales for. Because of the technology platform of blogs, they tend to get ranked faster in the search engines, so they can also be rather quickly effective.

The format of blogs also allows the marketers to write a review about a product that give the visitor to the blog more information and a reason to do further research. This adds value to the visitor, especially if it is clear that the reviewer is honest and not simply pushing the latest product.

The best thing about participating in affiliate programs is that there is virtually no risk at all to the promoter and they can start their marketing activities on a virtual shoe-sting, often investing nothing more than time at the beginning.

What are the Search Engine Optimization not telling you? All is revealed about affiliate programs promotion at Mike Selvon portal. Don't forget to leave us a comment at our SEO optimization blog.


According to this site:

Start earning extra income working from your computer! If you know how to type (and I hope you do if you are online right now!), Get Cash For Typing will show you how to make money online!
    We'll show you how to earn income online from:

  • Get Paid To Fill Out Online Surveys
  • Earn Cash Just For Writing A Blog On ANY Topic (learn how to set a blog up)
  • Make Money Selling Products On eBay & Other Shopping Sites
  • Get Paid To Take Pictures (you can sell your photos of tourist attractions, sceneries, cities, animals, and much more)
Our site is and will always be 100% FREE, however we do ask you refer your friends and family once you are happy with our site. We WILL show you how to make money online!

Well if this is true, then what are you waiting for?? Head on to their site and signup immediately.


Jeff Wuorio wrote an interesting article(which is more of a list) for Microsoft which is basically 5 strategies on how to successfully generate income for your blog, or "blogging for bucks" as he euphemistically puts it.

If you want to read the whole thing, head on to this page, but basically here's the lowdown of his article:

1. Sell advertising.

2. Help sell other's products.

3. Solicit contributions.

4. Market your services on your blog.

5. Use a blog to deepen your existing customer relationships.


In any endeavor, there are a few people that stand out to the top level and gather millions of dollars in earning. On the otherhand, there are also those who struggle for ages and make little if any money at all. The rest of us are somewhere in the middle level somewhere between both.

Regardless of what thing you are in, you should try to aspire to be one among the "super stars". Try to do what they do. I’m not saying that you will immediately vault up to super star status, but your results will almost certainly improve.

Some of the traits and characteristics of the "Internet supah star" are:

1) They are diversified and participate in more than one niche. If an opportunity presents itself, they can swiftly change gears and exploit an additional area.

2) They pay talented people to take care of the details on their numerous websites. They pay others to take care of the more mundane day-to-day issues. This frees up their time to work on items that they believe to be more important, like developing new products.

3) They stay in constant touch with the people on their list. They act as a trusted adviser who wouldn’t steer them wrong. They do not pitch every new product that comes down the pike.

4) They nurture their list; it is their most valuable asset. They work daily on activities to continually expand it.

5) They develop and sell their own products. When appropriate, they allow others to sell them on an affiliate basis.

6) They take advantage of every possible method in monetizing the Internet and their websites. They use all types of advertising income and any other income sources available.

7) They continually work to build traffic to their websites. By growing their traffic today, they are insuring an increase in income tomorrow.

8) They develop and sell their own products. When appropriate, they allow others to sell them on an affiliate basis. It is generally agreed that the number one method to be successful is to develop your own product. You must have your own products in order to excel.

By working daily toward these goals, you too have an opportunity to grow your Internet business. For the most part, those who have achieved the most success have done it by working the hardest. Very few, if any, have inherited successful websites from their parents, most have worked very hard and earned every penny they have. So imitate the superstars and someday, people new in the business may try to imitate you.



Here's a very interesting article I recently discovered written by someone named Elise Fisher. The article basically relates how will power and optimism are the vital key to become successful. Anyway, here it is:
Napoleon Hill, the author of Think and Grow Rich, believes that a person does not have to be a genius to become rich. Any person can become wealthy if he thinks positively and has a deep desire to achieve his goal.
Positive Thinking: You must see your financial dreams and know that you will be able to attain them. You must already own them.

If you begin making up every rationalization under the sun why you can't succeed, pinch yourself. You have to discipline your body and mind to think positive thoughts. Teach yourself that those kind of thought patterns are unacceptable. You can obtain greatness, even if you are not the smartest, most talented, or best looking person in the world. Success is yours if you'll just allow it to come into your life. Don't underestimate the power of your thoughts.

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On a fresh Google Adsense development, they have just announced to everybody that they are now offering a new payment method to website publishers. The new payment method, which is via Western Union Quick Cash, will be a lot more convenient than payouts via check since publishers will automatically receive payment on the day after it is sent by Google.

To switch your payment methods to the Western Union Quick Cash option, simply follow this step:

1. Sign in to your account at you are already a member).
2. Visit the My Account tab.
3. Click the 'edit' link adjacent to the 'Payment Details' header.
4. Select the Western Union Quick Cash radio button.
5. Click 'Continue'.
6. Click 'Save Changes' to save your payment type.

Although you have to make sure that the name on your Adsense account exactly matches that on the government-issued ID card you'll bring to pick up your Western Union Quick Cash payments so that your payment will be honored and issued.

For more details, refer to the following FAQs/articles:


Yes of course it does, you silly-willy.

For those of you who are still unaware of what it is, well let me explain it back in a jiffy. Google AdSense is a program released by Google where site publishers(website owners) can show ads on their site(which are related to the topic) in return for a share of the cost of the ad. Google briefly summarizes AdSense as "a fast and easy way for web site publishers of all sizes to display relevant Google ads on their web site's content pages and earn money".

It's fascinating how much you can make such easy money with Google AdSense nowadays but how do you make it really effectively work for your site?? Well, one of the main secret is "proper ad placement".

A lot of site publishers that participate in Google AdSense strongly believes that this ads should not stand out from the overall content of the site. It must easily well blend into the overall template or look of the site. If possible, the ads must camouflage as a natural part of the site. Why? Well, considering the popularity of Google Adsense, must internet users by now are pretty well acquainted of what a website ad looks like, especially Google Adsense. So you must make sure the ads appears natural and easily blend on your site.

Since this is a critical issue i'll try to discuss and expand more on this topic later on. Keep posted!


Of course, almost every online marketer or web publisher know what Google Adsense is. Correct me if im wrong, but this is probably the easiest way to earn money there is on the world wide web today. Anyone on his right mind is foolish to pass this one up. That is why we're featuring it on this site first.

Requirements? What Requirements?
No requirements needed. No registration payments. No hassle EVER. All you have to do is signup for an account. And then, voila!! After you've successfully signed-up and login to your Adsense account, you can then paste the given Adsense codes to any existing website you have. Although, as a rule of thumb, make sure you read and understand the Rules/Program Policy first to avoid being penalized and will result on your account being closed.

Next up, we'll discuss how to effectively optimize your Adsense earnings.